Growtop Water Gardens

The GrowTop is a unique appliance designed to make indoor Water Gardening fun and easy in both residential and commercial spaces.

GrowTop system kitchen install - front view -  with lighting
GrowTop system kitchen install - Side profile
GrowTop system kitchen install - front view - no lighting

How It Works:

The GrowTop is a silent, automated ebb and flow growing system, this means that a few times every hour the GrowTop floods and drains the GrowTable with water and keeps the growing media saturated and fertilized and takes the guesswork out of Water Gardening.

To make all of this happen the GrowTop consists of a series of 2 devices:
A GrowTop WaterTable and a GrowTop LifeCycle

GrowTop How It Works Diagram
Growtop WaterTable Promo Image


Beautiful growing beds made of varying shapes and sizes made with stainless steel and optimized for indoor Water Gardening. The GrowTop WaterTables also allow for the use of the grow media of your choosing.

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GrowTop LifeCycle Side View
GrowTop LifeCycle Front View


The LifeCycle is a hyper efficient engine that enables the ebb and flow process for water gardening, in a fully enclosed sterile system. Also they are modular and can be attached to almost any grow bed or a GrowTop WaterTable.

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Unlock the Power of Water

The GrowTop system allows users to unlock the power of water and better manage the life of plants, preserve the life of store bought fruit and vegetables and improve their space in a well designed user friendly fashion. Also the GrowTops thermal mass can bring more balance and humidity management to your space.

Find out about how the idea came to be:

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For the time being GrowTops are only available through private sales as they are handmade per order.
If you are interested in acquiring one, please contact us below.

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