The Elegance of Life

GrowTop WaterTables are designed to seamlessly fit into any space, minimize system setting and interaction and focus the user on engaging with life. The GrowTop does this by giving the user a blank canvas from which to create their own living environment that almost any plant can grow and thrive within.

Growtop system diagram

The GrowTop WaterTables fit into a standard 32" countertop space, similar to a large sink and can be populated with the grow media of your choosing. This way the WaterTables can blend in to any interior or exterior space.

To make using the GrowTop system easier, our WaterTables will include a control panel interface and will manage key system elements.

GrowTop GrowBed v1
GrowTop GrowBed v2

Unlock the Power of Water

The GrowTop system allows users to unlock the power of water and better manage the life of plants, preserve the life of store bought fruit and vegetables and improve their space in a well designed user friendly fashion. Also the GrowTops thermal mass and humidity management can bring more balance to your space.

GrowTop LifeCycle Side View
GrowTop LifeCycle Front View


The LifeCycle is a hyper efficient engine that enables the ebb and flow process for water gardening, in a fully enclosed sterile system. Also the LifeCycles are modular and can be attached to almost any grow bed or a GrowTop WaterTable.

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