Before setting up your GrowTop or GrowPod Water Garden, make sure to keep in mind these key elements

Ample lighting is key for a successful Water Garden and most plants can live and thrive with natural lighting from a window alone. However some windows may not cast enough direct sunlight. In this situation or a scenario where no sunlight is available, then additional grow lighting will be required.

GrowTop and GrowPod both require standard 120v electrical power for operation.

GrowTop and GrowPod Water Gardens help regulate humidity in the room in which they operate due to evaporation over time. The less humid the room where the Water Garden is, the more frequently the LifeCycle will have to be refilled with water.

Horizontal Level
GrowTop and GrowPod Water Gardens require a level surface to operate. The products will not operate correctly if the horizontal level deviates more than 5% from level.

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