Plants don't like to be moved around, but a GrowTop Water Garden makes this possible, when the grow bed is filled with water

Step 1 - Understanding plants and their environment
It is important to note that plants did not evolve to be moved around... and generally speaking plants don't like to be moved at all. The biggest issue is that root structures are delicate.
The GrowTop makes this easier with the power of water. 

Step 2 - Dig a hole
Dig a 2-3" hole in the grow media, where you want to move your plant to.

Step 3 - Remove the media around the plant
Remove the grow media around the plant until you are able to see most of the root structure and wait for the water level to be at its highest point. Now gently pull the plant oout of the GrowTop, being carful not to hurt any of the root structure.

Step 4 - Insert the plant
Insert the plant or clipping into the new hole, and  gently replace the grow media.

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For the time being GrowTops are only available through private sales as they are handmade per order.
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